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New Litters

Last two Puppy!They were born 
New litters start 2ed week of June! Should be Toys and Miniatures
Both are males, parents are Scooby Doo and Pebbles. The biggest one is a liver/pepper tracking to be a toy in the 11 pound range. The smallest boy is also tracking to be a very small toy in the 8 pound range. The boys are so close that if one is getting groomed and cries the other one will cry also.
because of how close they are, I would really love to see them go together. I would give an extra $100 off  if they go together. The biggest one is the most mellow puppy I have seen, where the parti is a little more outgoing, both are  so cuddly and loving, both sleep with me and sleep all night.
I am having problems with the website and uploading pictures. I will keep trying, but for now this is all I can upload. Pictures taken 6/4/16